About AVC Construction

AVC Construction is owned by Antonio Correia. Mr. Correia was born and educated in Portugal, where his father and grandfather were large general contractors with specialties in masonry and historic preservation work. He literally grew up on jobsites. Mr. Correia has a degree from Colegio de Santo Agustinho in Viseu, Portugal. Mr. Correia moved to the united states to continue his education at George Washington University.

AVC Construciton has a Class A contractors license and is licensed to do work in DC, Virginia and Maryland.

AVC Construction has been in business since 1979 and has a broad portfolio throughout the Washington Dc metropolitan area. We love to work with architects, landscape designers and homeowners to build their dreams. We feel that masonry is of the earth and can transform a space to make it timeless. Our understanding of historic work, from growing up in Europe and working on buildings hundreds of years old, brings an Old World craft to all of our work.

"There are unfortunately not many true masons left, but AVC Construction is fortunately keeping an ancient tradition and skill alive." writes Seth Ballard, principal of Ballard+Mensua Architecture about our work. "When we have a custom masonry job, or a waterproofing problem, or any job that is a challenge ... we always insist that our General Contractors use AVC to do the work. Mr. Correia not only builds the work correctly and with skill, he usually makes it better than the original design."

In addition to Mr. Correia's other talents, he is a skilled ice carver and chef. He has studied civil engineering, structural engineering, and mechanical engineering and is always trying to better himself.